Siren Calling festival 2019 Review


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The energy and quality of all the bands here was very impressive. We were treated to a showcase of some great talent.


The venue itself is a former warehouse unit with some cool exterior art. Inside there was a nice underground LA / Seattle alternative vibe with blacked-out decor, a decent Live stage, bar, even a couple of sofa’s to chill out on.

I arrived a bit late to avoid what I thought would be long queues so I missed a few bands: Dead Naked Hippies, Something Leather, JunoDef and GayGirl, and performances on the acoustic terrance.





The attendance early on was mostly band members and support, a few music journalists, friends and fans.

A shame for those who didn’t fancy this event, they missed something pretty special but all credit to the bands who powered on regardless.

The first band I saw blew me away and set the vive for what was to come.















I like the positive vibes of “shoe gaze” music and enjoyed Wyldest‘s ‘dreamy pop’ songs. Really nice sound.



I was impressed with their set, beautiful vocals and guitar sound.  This song in particular is a favourite.







THYLA were awesome.  Great songs and stage presence. Really impressive performances all round.










Calva Louise









She Makes War









Tess Parks



Tess Parks SirenCallingFest2019 1


I found Tess Parks’ music through another fairly recent musical discovery for me:  The Brian Jonestown Massacre. 

Tess’ music has an authentic 60’s vibe with influences from The Beatles, John Lennon, The Rolling Stones, and more.

Personally I think her music fits in with the vibe of George Harrison, Small Faces, The Who, Velvet Underground, Jefferson Airplane, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, to name a few..





The song and video for Friendlies is favourite. And it was nice to see a love of England and London in Tess’ music videos.

I think Tess is very different but familiar in a scene I personally love.