Zombierella: Messer Chups, Tentative Reels and Bleak Engineers

Three recent favourite Bandcamp purchases featuring Russian bass player and vocalist Svetlana Negaeva aka “Zombierella” of Messer Chups, Tentative Reels and Bleak Engineers.

All roads lead to Red Square?

Well, my search for 1950s rock ‘n’ roll enlightenment led me first to Doo Wop chord and scales progressions with Berklee. From there I ventured on to Pinterest for more American Dream inspiration.

I hit the beach with Surf Rock, Dick Dale, Link Wray, which brought me nicely back to Tarantino.

I went off Tarantino films for a while, after Desperado, Kill Bill, Django, Inglorious Bastards .. The Hateful 8. Only so much hate I can stomach in one sitting. I think he redeemed himself with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, though. I’ll never get bored seeing hippies getting wrecked.

“If in doubt, go left” — That’s pretty much what I did, finding way my back almost where I began with “Russian Doomer music”, post-punk electronica — anything inspired by Kraftwerk, Joy Division, to this — some of the sexiest “Soviet Wave” I’ve heard.

It’s all here.

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