Damo Suzuki at The Old Blue Last, London





Kenji Suzuki, better known as Damo Suzuki, is a Japanese musician who has been living in Germany since the early 1970s and is best known as the former lead singer of the German krautrock group Can.


Kenji is a very inspirational artist for me. I love his approach to making music, he is challenging music industry convention with his improvised lyrical style, leading the ‘sound carriers’ to make each show a unique experience.




The ‘sound carriers’ for this show were Gently Tender who swapped instruments around vibing with Kenji’s spontaneity.

As I arrived at the venue Kenji was standing outside and I was able to say ‘Hi’ and grab a quick picture with him.  You can tell he is a lovely guy, a true artist who is doing this for the love of music and Live performance.

Definitely a Live music highlight and getting to meet Kenji in person made this a special gig for me.