Joy Division

1. “Digital” A Factory Sample (1979) 00:00 2. “Disorder” Unknown Pleasures (1979) 02:52 3. “Shadowplay” Unknown Pleasures 06:21 4. “New Dawn Fades” Unknown Pleasures 10:14 5. “Transmission” “Transmission” (1979) 15:01 6. “Atmosphere” “Atmosphere” (1980) 18:38 7. “Dead Souls” “Atmosphere” (1980) 22:49 8. “She’s Lost Control” (12″ single version) “She’s Lost Control” (1980) 27:44 9. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (1980) 32:40 10. “These Days” “Love Will Tear Us Apart” 36:08 11. “Twenty Four Hours” Closer (1980) 39:36 12. “Heart and Soul” Closer 44:04 13. “Incubation” “Komakino” (1980) 49:55 14. “Isolation” Closer 52:48

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Harry Goodwin / Rex Features ( 512337l ) Joy Division – Peter Hook, Ian Curtis, Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris Various

Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980​-​89 Volume One

Eclectic selections of lo-fi vintage electronica produced in bedrooms around the globe between 1980- 89.

Each downloadable volume of Bedroom Cassette Masters comes with an extensive PDF guide to the artists, the gear and the era + printable j-card cassette inlay. 

“Sounds like vintage electronica, looks like vintage electronica…” 

A compilation of tracks from all over the web which, while many of them were recorded in the 1980’s using analogue equipment, some of them most definitely were not. Nevertheless all have been produced with that same spirit in mind. Enjoy them at face value. 

The album download includes a comprehensive illustrated PDF guide to the tracks and the artists.


released December 22, 2012 

Curated by Simon Holland AKA Carrillion. All tracks have been *gently* compressed to bring the levels up to an average for improved listening pleasure. Collated from February to December 2012.

PSYBORG – Download Codes

This is an 80s horror sci-fi themed album inspired by the original Terminator movie soundtrack.

I’m giving away some free download codes and will be adding more tracks in the coming days.

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