Zombierella: Messer Chups, Tentative Reels and Bleak Engineers

Three recent favourite Bandcamp purchases featuring Russian bassist, vocalist and style icon, Svetlana “Zombierella” Negaeva of Messer Chups, Tentative Reels and Bleak Engineers.

All roads lead to Red Square?

Well, my search for late 1950s early ’60s rock ‘n’ roll inspiration, during lockdown, led me first to Berklee Music School — where I discovered one of the best chord progressions of the late ’50s era: Doo Wop, along with other excellent chords and scales.

Armed with this I pushed on to Pinterest where I loaded up on pics for a full-scale assault on the beaches.

That worked out excellently as waiting for me — with machine gun-like solo’s — were non-other than Surf Rock legends Dick Dale and Link Wray — already dug in.

I couldn’t stop there. As I clicked save on every inspiring image, who should pop up but Tarantino ready to bring it all together.

I went off Tarantino films for a while, maybe it was Desperado, Kill Bill, Django, Inglorious Bastards .. The Hateful 8.

There’s only so much hate I can stomach in one sitting. Sure I like classic movies — the originals are great, and these reimagined films are something else which is also interesting for what they are.

To me, Tarantino is like the enthusiastic friend we all had at school, he has rich parents so he can afford to indulge in obscure interests — in this case, violence, feet and cool music. It’s good to know what you like.

What’s a burger without cheese? — and deluxe milkshake? It might make you unhealthy but hey.

He definitely redeemed himself with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I’ll never get bored seeing hippies get wrecked.

If in doubt, go left — as they say in the gaming world. The good news, on every street there is always a right turn — back to that special place, the main square.

So, Comrades, here I am… ALMOST where I began with post-punk electronica, the best of Soviet-wave and doomer; everything inspired by Kraftwerk, Joy Division, classic B-Movies and the American Dream..