Siren Calling festival 2019 Review


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This festival really was something special.. I’ve seen bands here I really liked and will be following their musical journey’s for sure.

Seeing this lineup makes me feel positive about the future of a genre I’ve loved since Nirvana.  As everyone knows, Kurt was a big advocate of women’s equality so no doubt would have been happy to see this.

Why not have a category for women’s alternative music? – not to separate but to give fans and artists somewhere to find each other.  All the hard work and art has to pay so the easier it is to find bands you like can only be a good thing.


The energy and quality of all the bands here was very impressive.

We were treated to a showcase of very good bands that for me surpassed any previous festival experience.


Rock and Indie music is not about gender but depth and quality of the songs, sincerity of the artists and their ability to connect with soul, the universe and you, that’s what I look for and for me that happened here in a very real and beautiful way.

With so many great bands, beautiful songs, positive attitudes and good energy on display I feel like I’ve seen some of the best new bands around.




The venue itself is a former warehouse now studio and looks very cool from the outside, inside it has a nice underground LA / Seattle alternative vibe that I really like, with blacked-out decor, good stage, a bar, and a few sofas to chill out on.

The space acoustics were very good as well, the audio guys did an excellent job there.

I arrived a bit later to avoid queues so did miss a few bands: Dead Naked Hippies, Something Leather, JunoDef and GayGirl – I’m sure would have been something to remember as well, along with more on the acoustic terrance.

Security and staff here were all very good, enforcing a safe space policy – another good thing in my opinion.




The attendance was mostly band members and support early on, a few music and photo journalists, A&R, friends and fans – which made for a very good atmosphere.

A shame for those who didn’t grab a chance to see this lineup, they missed something but all credit to the bands who powered on regardless.  That in itself was very impressive and shows they’re all ready for a bigger stage and well deserved.







The first band I saw blew me away and really set the stage for what was to come.




There are so many great elements to this band. I loved the repertoire, very confident performances, great musicianship and vocal ability, – there is so much to like here.



They look and sound great, as good as it gets for my taste and I’ll be saying that about all the bands here.





I like the positive vibes of “shoe gaze” music and loved Wyldest‘s ‘dreamy pop’ songs. Really nice sound, again musicianship and vocals were so good.

They have beautiful songs and again really nice attitudes.



I was so impressed with their set, beautiful vocals and guitar sound.  This song in particular is a favourite.







THYLA were awesome.  Great songs and stage presence. Really impressive performances all round, the lead singing is so good, a natural star here.



Might as well face it I’m addicted to good music and got a real buzz out of their LIVE set.

They have a busy tour schedule coming up so don’t miss the chance to see them LIVE near you.  Hopefully I’ll see them when they play London again in October.






Another very impressive band, all play very well together, lead singer has a lively attitude.  I can’t say enough to do this band justice.




Calva Louise





Incredible Live performance, natural on the stage, great chemistry between them as well.





The lead singer looked completely at ease with the stage and playing Live, a natural star with really great repertoire.



She Makes War






Great songs, sung and played beautifully. Excellent repertoire and everything you need from an alternative band.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for future tour dates near me.





Tess Parks



Tess Parks SirenCallingFest2019 1


This will be the most memorable set for me and the reason I went to this festival..

I found Tess’ music through another fairly recent discovery for me:  The Brian Jonestown Massacre. 

Tess’ music has so much depth, I can see influences from The Beatles, John Lennon, an influence for many musicians I like. The Rolling Stones, of course, George Harrison, Small Faces, The Who, Velvet Underground, Jefferson Airplane, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, to name a few bands that I like and feel in Tess’ music.





It was nice to see in the music videos a love of England and London – my home.  I hear so much negativity these days about England and London, times are a’changing, so it is nice to see there are aspects about us that are appreciated. We do still make good music and that can be seen at this festival.

The video for Friendlies is another favourite of mine. I look forward to more videos for the new songs.

Incidentally I’m a free agent at the moment offering zero-budget videography and vision for music videos if anyone needs. Love to share ideas and work on something beautiful.

I also see a love of British film in Tess’ influences and personally think some of the best original indie music, artists and more have come out of Canada so it is a nice mix with Tess’ own unique and great rock ‘n’ roll vibe.

I think Tess is very different yet familiar in a particular scene I personally love. I was blown away by her new material especially.  It was biblical – as Liam would say.




I missed an opportunity to say hello and how much I like the music personally.  I’m sure that would have been another spiritual experience.

Art always inspires more art, new music and deeper understandings. I have more video but the tour is still running so I don’t want to spoil it for people going.

This festival and Tess’ set especially was one of the deepest LIVE music experiences I’ve had, – and that includes Ian Brown leaning down from a stage during a very special psychedelic rendition of Waterfall with The Stone Roses in Lyon to hand me his own camera.

I was caught in the intensity here too and really is a testament to Tess’ sincerity and depth as a true rock ‘n’ roller.  I really got my money’s worth here and feel it was more than just pure luck.

I am a believer in the magic,  love and soul in music, good vibes and God really answered by prayers here. I would have liked to pick-up the vinyl, I did grab some video so at least have something to keep.

Funny thing is I skinted myself to get there I won’t go into that but will of course support with buying the music as well from all the artists here when can afford.

Hopefully this review goes towards paying back what I feel I owe. Tess and the band delivered an intense rock ‘n’ roll experience so don’t miss a chance to see them near you.

I’ve added one more so see you there.